Calendar of Events

Sheffield Regional Park
Sunday, October 15, 2017, 08:00am
Contact Thomas Rohtsalu (904-536-8019)

Sheffield Regional Park is about 385 acres with nature trails and several lakes. We will look for ducks and other winter visitors. Sheffield Park is always full of surprises. There are open fields, wooded areas and several lakes and with so many habitats just about anything can turn up. During winter the lakes and ponds can hold a variety of ducks, mergansers and waders. The nature trails will take us through habitat ripe for other winter visitors such as warblers, kinglets and woodpeckers. We will try to cover all the lakes and ponds and several trails through open fields and wooded areas.  Bring binoculars and a scope if you have one. There are picnic tables if you would like to have lunch at the park. Meet at the last parking lot by the restrooms.

Directions: From the Dames Point Bridge exit Heckscher Drive and turn east. Turn left at the first traffic light onto New Berlin Rd. Continue on New Berlin Rd. to the intersection of New Berlin Rd. and Cedar Point Road. Turn left and the entrance to Sheffield Park will be about 50 yards on your right. No fee.


Location 3659 New Berlin Rd Jacksonville, FL 32226